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AD company
AD company
C O M P A N Y  V I D E O

Layout of the north and south、Into the country、To the world

The universiade group co., LTD(Formerly known as shanxi tongda(Group)Co., LTD)Founded in1987Years,Is located in yuncheng city, Shanxi Province economic development zone,Is the collection of commercial vehicles、Motorcycle research and development、Manufacturing、Sales、Service and international trade,Real estate development,Logistics distribution,The construction for the integration of trans-regional, etc、Cross-industry、Diversified development of large private enterprise group,In China's private enterprises500Strong and hundred private enterprises in Shanxi Province。The group existing staff10000More than one,Total assets200One hundred million yuan,Owns yuncheng、Chengdu、Shiyan、Four production bases in guangzhou,Products are exported to all over the country and Asia、Europe、Africa、America, etc100To many countries and regions。
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